Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions:
1. An instruction to carry out work,whether written or verbal will be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed below.

2. An estimate is given as an approximate price calculated with all reasonable care by use of available and visible information obtained at the time of the quotation, it will be given where an exact price is impossible to give due to lack of information or inaccessible installations.

3. A quotation is an offer to complete the work specified at the price given, any further work requested by the client will be accepted via new quotation or an updated quotation as agreed by
the client and RTWEC Ltd.

4. All work carries a 1 year Guarantee against defective workmanship or installation materials. Electronic equipment,luminaries and all other accessories which carry a manufacturer’s warranty will be subject to that warranty. RTWEC Ltd will accept no responsibility for defects introduced by tampering or alterations made to the electrical installation after the completion of the works.

5. Prices do not include any charges made by the electricity supply authority (DNO) unless otherwise stated.

6. Variations to the quote, or additional work required will be detailed by the client as soon as possible to enable an updated quotation/estimate to be agreed upon by the client and RTWEC Ltd.

7. Emergency work will be agreed with between the client and RTWEC Ltd prior to work being carried out. Should urgent work be required and the client not available, RTWEC Ltd will endeavour to carry out the work using the safest and most cost effective solution to the client unless expressly forbidden beforehand. This work will be chargeable to the the client. This may
result in certain circuits being isolated until a safe and cost effective solution be found to the problem.

8. All work will be carried out by suitably qualified engineers and will comply with all relevant and current British Standards alongside other applicable regulations.

9. All work will be ‘made good’ by RTWEC Ltd; this is limited re-fitment of floor boarding and carpets but does not include plastering unless stated in the estimate/quotation or redecoration.

10. All electrical materials and accessories will remain the property of RTWEC Ltd until final payment is received.

11.Equipment and accessories supplied by the client. RTWEC Ltd reserves the right to refuse to fit sub-standard, non-compliant accessories or equipment supplied by the client. Quotes and estimates tendered by the company are based on the fitting of standard electrical accessories. Accessories that require excessive preparation, modification or non standard fitment may incur extra cost to the client. Any additional work needed after completion due to faulty materials (supplied by the client) will be charged directly to the client.

12. Whilst undertaking testing works and periodic inspections, it is the responsibility of the client to disconnect from the mains any sensitive equipment which will be damaged by high voltages,this may include computers, telephones, charging equipment and kitchen appliances. You must inform RTWEC if you suspect that any PIR outside lighting equipment may be connected to the socket ring main.

13. Billing. For work of an estimated contracted period of more than one month, RTWEC Ltd will invoice clients on a two weekly period for materials and labour costs. All invoices will have a payment request for payment in full to be made within 28 days from the invoice date or satisfactory completion.

14. Waste removal. Unless stated for or agreed in a quotation waste of any kind will not be removed once they work is completed. An extra cost will be occurred if us RTWEC Ltd are instructed by the customer to remove the waste at any point front start to finish of the agreed works.

15. Complaints. Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader and Checkatrade member we use Ombudsmen Services Ltd for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact Which? Trusted traders in the first instance on 0117 981 2929.

16. RTW Electrical Contractors Ltd are not responsible for any materials onsite that maybe stolen or removed at any point through the installation due to the site (works address) NOT being secure for any reason. RTW Electrical Contractors liability tradesman’s insurance will not cover any losses due to this condition.